The Warrior’s Way Korean Movie Info

The Warrior’s Way Korean Movie A warrior-assassin is forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands after refusing a mission.A bloody free-for-all fight among gunslingers, ninjas and circus clowns in the Wild West. And you thought Hollywood had run out of creative ideas!

The Warrior’s Way Korean Movie Profile:

Movie: The Warrior’s Way
Hangul: 더 워리어스 웨이
Director: Seung-mu Lee
Writer: Seung-mu Lee
Producer: Barrie Osborne, Michael Peyser, Jun-ik Lee
Release Date: December 2, 2010
Runtime: 100min.
Language: English
Country: New Zealand, South Korea

The Warrior’s Way Korean Movie Cast:

Jang Dong-Gun – Yang
Kate Bosworth – Lynne
Geoffrey Rush
Tony Cox
Nic Sampson – Pug
Ryan Richards – Slug


Declining to murder a baby from an adversary group, ace swordsman Yang (Jang Dong Gun) takes the kid and escapes to an American wilderness town. He secures his sword for good, vowing to bring the infant up in peace. Yang becomes a close acquaintence with Lynne, a lady who needs exact retribution against a colonel, the man who killed her family. At the point when the colonel profits to wreak ruin for the town, Yang attracts his sword to secure his new companions, yet the sound of battling draws Yang’s deadly clansmen into the shred also.

The Warrior’s Way Korean Movie Trailer:

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