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Rakhwala The One Man Army (Samarasimha Reddy) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Free Online

The Story is about Sangeetha and her two sisters live with their cruel aunt, who runs a small hotel. Abbulu joins their hotel as an employee. He later tells Sangeetha that he is their brother, Vasu, who ran away in childhood. He solves all their problems and romances with Simran. Veera Raghava Reddy is an amputee Rayalaseema don who is seeking revenge on Abbulu. When his sons fail, he sends his daughter Anjali to destroy him. In the process she reveals that Abbulu is actually Samarasimha Reddy, and that he had killed Vasu. To prove his love for Vasu’s sisters, Anjali challenges him to drink poison and Abbulu/faux-Vasu/Sarasimha lands in a hospital. Satyanarayana, a police superintendent, reveals Samarasimha’s true story. Veera had killed Samarasimha’s parents, his fiancee, sister and brother-in-law. Seeking revenge, Samarsimha severed Veera’s legs and right arm. In the fight Samarasimha Reddy accidentally killed Vasu, his “Man Friday”. Samarasimha then assumed Vasu’s duties as a brother. Learning this, Anjali repents for her actions. Samarasimha accepts the collective decision to marry Anjali to end the feud between the two families. After the marriage Veera goes back on his word and tries to kill Samarasimha, but fails. Seeing everyone, including his sons, supporting Samarasimha, Veera commits suicid

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